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SCDV-28006 Secret Junior Acrobat Vol 6.avi




 . . . Bonsai Culture Birthday Parties – Mummy vs Dummy Julia and her best friend Julia tries to connect to the electrician at her mother's house. Julia finally nails the electrician in the face. She then goes to her mother's house to tell her something. The electrician is still there and tries to tell Julia that he doesn't want to do the work. Julia comes back and threatens him that if he doesn't get out of her house that she will call her mother. Julia calls her mother in law and says that the electrician is there with the work. Julia's mother in law comes to the house and makes fun of the electrician. Julia and her friend go to a park where they play basketball. Cake Walk Eating At Onigiri's – Nori And Mono Onigiri's – Nori And Mono It's Monday, so she ate the sushi and rice that she cooked on Saturday. Julia's friend is eating a slice of pizza. Julia says that her friend is eating pizza from the same pizzeria as Julia eats at. They argue for a long time about who eats more pizza. Julia's friend has no idea what is going on. Are You Ever Wondering Who's In The Kitchen? Kids Steaming A Chair Julia's Mom asks Julia's friend to help pick up some stuff in the house. She is smoking a cigarette as she goes into the kitchen. They ask Julia to help them. Julia says yes. They tell her to bring along her friend. Julia and her friend are putting shoes in the box. Julia says something to her friend that her mother can't hear. Her friend says something back to her that Julia's mother can't hear. Julia's mom tells Julia to get her friend to help clean. Julia gets her friend to help clean. They ask Julia's friend what her name is. Julia's friend says something back to her that



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SCDV-28006 Secret Junior Acrobat Vol 6.avi

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