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APIServiceLinks APIserviceLinks is a web-based information resource that provides links to government API and other related information on the World Wide Web. A user can search for documents, submit a query, and view the results in various ways. All requests from government sites are forwarded to the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) for approval. These links are published on the US Government Printing Office website. Submission of Requests for Approval API ServiceLinks' role is to provide a liaison between the public and the Government on information technology needs. It provides a mechanism to submit requests to the US Government for approval of information, including approval for public access to technological and statistical information that has been prepared or collected by government. If a request has been approved for inclusion on the server, users have the option to view the information through an agency Web server or to obtain a print copy directly from NTIS. API ServiceLinks focuses on two broad areas. The first is the submission of requests to government agencies for permission to include their information on the web. The second is the approval of requests for government agencies to publish the information they have prepared. To submit a request, a visitor must submit an "Inquiry," which is an electronic request to the government agency. The visitor must also specify the type of information that they wish to access (e.g. statute, regulation, policy statement, etc.) and identify the agency that would provide that information. After an approved inquiry is entered into the system, an individual can search for documents by using the search field on the website. The search field is based on a "nomenclature list" of agency-specific names that are stored in the database. Once the result set is retrieved, the system provides a list of the documents that match the visitor's search query. Next to each result is the name of the agency that produced the document. The visitor can then select an agency to obtain a list of documents that have been approved by that agency. Publication Approval API ServiceLinks also provides information about the specific government agency responsible for preparing or maintaining information that is approved for inclusion on the web. It provides a list of government agencies for which there are "Published Documents," which are documents that have been approved for inclusion on the web. The publication approval data is presented in three ways. First, a list of the different document types is presented for





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Api618pdffreedownload eleyeli

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